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Helvengo’s founders — Vedran, Felix and Benedikt (lr)

Here come the insurtechs

  1. Large ~70 billion dollar market experiencing major shifts. Sector has come under intense strain due to the pandemic (i.e. business disruption, reduced sales and cashflow issues) now collectively seeing how essential insurance coverage is. This is opening new opportunities for platforms that can bring the right digital toolbox at the right price point.
  2. Competitive and technology disruption of insurance market — accelerated customer adoption of digital channels across retail, banking and most other commercial sectors. Insurance sector cannot stay behind especially as customers now expect superior digital experiences with insurers who understand customer needs and who deliver tailored products. Huge market opportunity for insurtechs like Helvengo that offer highly personalised and flexible products.
  3. Innovative product leveraging AI and a data-driven (IoT/open banking sources etc.) risk analysis that is unique to the market and offers modular, personalised and transparent insurance coverage.
  4. Exceptional team with deep domain expertise — Founding team met as early employees of WeFox, Europe’s leading B2C insurtech platform(now valued at $3bn), where they headed up finance, product and business development teams. Helvengo’s CTO Vasco, not ex-WeFox but successful entrepreneur and fullstack developer, is super talented and impressive in his ability to think through complex scaling and development questions with laser sharp focus on execution.
  5. Scalable business model — The company operates a Managing General Agent (MGA) model which allows the company to sit in between the broker and primary carrier. This enables Helvengo to develop native products by borrowing underwriting rights without carrying actual risk from the insurance carrier. Helvengo is part of a new wave of insurtechs that partner with incumbents to digitize and enhance the insurance value chain. Helvengo taps into a significant opportunity to scale in areas such as underwriting, risk pricing and claims automation



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