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The restaurant revolution — next level innovation

Restaurants were some of the first businesses to undergo digitisation “en masse” as a result of the pandemic. It forced the entire industry to rethink business strategies, operations and the way it serves its customers. Online delivery companies such as Doordash, Deliveroo and UberEats have been major beneficiaries of this shift.

With delivery companies eating away much of the margins (~30%!), many restaurants sought out their own solutions to manage their online operations while also exploring new revenue streams. For example, Flipdish and PepperHQ help restaurants build their own ordering website using low code solutions. The purpose of such solutions is to keep customers on a restaurant’s own website by incorporating third-party reviews, images, recommendations, and menu descriptions on the web page. With more time spend on the platform, the greater the chances that the customer converts while also enabling the collection of more data points to drive customer analytics. Of course, ultimately, the goal of online digitisation is to enable restaurants to continue to own the customer and customer experience.

Not withstanding all the excitement surrounding the massive potential of platforms like JustEat ($18bn), Olo (~$3.6bn IPO), and Chownow, the offline digitisation of restaurants is what really got our attention early on in the pandemic. While there are a plethora of companies in the market offering various solutions from offline order and payment solutions (e.g. Sunday), POS (e.g. Toast), to sourcing and procurement (e.g. Choco), we were keen to look for more vertically integrated solutions directed at full stack restaurant management.

In comes Nory…! Nory is an AI-based restaurant management system that allows its customers to manage full suite of the restaurant operations in one place (from staffing to inventory management), with predictive analysis to allow consistent decision making and consistent profit margins. In essence, Nory is a data science company that leverages on AI and ML to predict sales and costs. and empowers purely data-based decision making.

The solution is fully integrated with POS, payroll and accounting solutions

Why do we like it?

We are proud to be backing Nory! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come along for the ride.



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