Ananas advisor series: Introducing Adam Rodman

Adam Rodman is one of our earliest supporters from when Ananas was just an idea. Rodman, a macro specialist, a Forbes 30 under 30, is now also a key Anacoin advisor.

The founder and portfolio manager of Segra Capital Management, manages hedge funds based in Dallas, TX. Segra’s flagship fund employs a global thematic investment approach and is heavily focused on the emerging and underfollowed markets. Prior to founding Segra, Rodman was a partner and senior investment analyst at Corriente Advisors, where he was instrumental in the development of the firm’s China-related research and trading.

Rodman began his career at Bank of America in the Global Corporate and Investment Banking Division after graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, cum laude, from Amherst College.

The Anacoin advisor believes in a better tomorrow with information from all angles. When asked about Ananas, Rodman gave the following answers.

What do you think Ananas’s greatest impact will be?

Without stating the obvious, I believe Ananas’ greatest impact will be opening the dialogue and expanding the perspective on issues which in many cases only have one voice or viewpoint. While the Ananas platform can (and hopefully will) be applied to topics other than religion, extremist views feed on monopolized information flow. Ananas has the potential to be a positive, cross-border education tool and network that transcends the blinders created by biased information.

What do you think Ananas’ best quality is compared to other startups and crypto projects?

“Simple: the mission. As the world integrates through technology, information flow becomes faster and faster, and countless platforms to spread disinformation emerge, the need for balanced (and authentic) information as a counterweight increases. Ananas will be that counterweight. In terms of Ananas as a crypto project… a crypto-currency for peace and cooperation versus profit, seems like a profound use of new technology.”

What is your favourite thing about Ananas, on a personal level?

“On a personal level, it has been great to work and invest with a long-time friend, Emad Mostaque. The Ananas concept has been a labor of love for Emad for many years, and it is wonderful to see the charity’s progress to-date, and what will undoubtedly be its fully realized potential in the coming months and years.”

Any other feedback, vision, positive vibes that come to mind on an Ananas level?

“The Ananas team is tackling an issue that affects all us all. While the organization’ goal is a lofty one, it takes big dreams to effect big change. In a world fixated on division, it is inspiring to see a group of people dedicated to promoting cooperation.”