Ananas advisor series: Introducing Amin Elkholy

Ananas advisor Amin Elkholy is an expert AI researcher. He is a friend of the team’s and is motivated in helping the Ananas mission. Elkholy is actively advising on the knowledge representation aspects of making translations and interpretations from various perspectives searchable.

Currently, Elkholy is a freelance consultant and entrepreneur. He is a software engineer by background and moved into finance in 1997 after a spell in AI research. Elkholy’s career in finance has focused on asset management in the Middle East North Africa region, witnessing several economic, political and market cycles, and mostly involved in setting up new teams in various environments both in London and in Dubai. Elkholy grew up in Egypt, Russia and Kuwait and is fluent in both English and Arabic. He holds an MEng and a PhD from Imperial College London, and an MBA from Manchester Business School.

As an AI advisor, Elkholy is excited for the Ananas platform to start. He loves the creative use of technology for good and is keen to help make it happen. When we asked Elkholy about Ananas his answers were clear, in line with the team’s, and all around great to hear!

What do you think Ananas greatest impact will be?

“The greatest impact of Ananas would be to help rescue people from the echo-chamber of views and opinions about the “other”. People seem more fragmented than ever along new “tribal” lines to do with ideologies and beliefs. More accurately the divisions arise from myths about what others believe. By making the different interpretations easily available for anyone to explore, it can help destroy these myths and improve understanding.”

What do you think Ananas’ best quality is compared to other startups and crypto projects?

“Crypto technologies offer us new ways of aligning incentives and governance towards achieving goals with a common effort.

The first appeal of Ananas is the choice of a worthy goal around which to align people’s energy and efforts.

The second is the creativity in the use of the technology, exploring new ways of managing incentives and governance beyond existing models.”

What is your favourite thing about Ananas, on a personal level?

“I have spent most of my life walking a line between countries, languages and cultures which often seemed at odds with each other. I had the good fortune to be sufficiently assimilated in each not to be seen as entirely “other”. As a result I am keenly aware of how remarkably alike humans are, and how at odds with reality their perceptions of “others” can be. My favourite thing about Ananas is that it can help bridge that gap.”