Ananas advisor series: Introducing Beryl Li Chavez

Beryl Li Chavez is one of Ananas’ blockchain advisors. She believes in the social impact of the Ananas vision and has personally been active in helping those affected by extremism. Chavez was involved in the #TogetherforMarawi initiative that provided relief for those affected by the extremist attacks in the Philippines.

Chavez is the CEO of CapchainX, a next generation cryptographic equity platform that creates, manages, and trades tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Previously, she was an Entrepreneur In Residence at, a leading blockchain payments startup in Asia. Her experience includes FX Quants at Blackrock London backtesting trading algorithms for a consulting project with a team from Cambridge. Chavez has served as a Senior Consultant to DICT, authoring the Philippines Roadmap for Digital Startups. She has also been involved in early stage tech investments at SeedAsia Shanghai in 2013.

Chavez holds a Masters of Finance from Cambridge University where she sits as the 2017 President of the Cambridge Cryptocurrency Society.

Chavez believes in both taking action towards relieving fear caused by terror and providing a safe platform for information, a strong belief that has led her to advise the Ananas mission. When asked about Ananas, Chavez gave the following answers.

What do you think Ananas greatest impact will be?

“A secure environment for everyone. A platform to counter terrorism creates a mindful community that seeks peace and order. Governments and individuals often spend so much for security while a platform like Ananas provides security for everyone from all parts of the world regardless of social class.”

What do you think Ananas’ best quality is compared to other startups and crypto projects?

“Its social impact. While most projects are profit seeking, Ananas has a strong social impact. The team is talented and they choose to utilise their talents to benefit the world.”

What is your favourite thing about Ananas, on a personal level?

“While the south of the Philippines has been experiencing terrorism, I do feel affected at a personal level. I feel responsible for family and friends affected back home. Will they be safe?

While living in London, there were also instances where I could have been at the event of terrorism. My friends have had horrifying experiences you wouldn’t think would happen in reality, more like a scene from a horror movie. The fear they felt exists amongst many and it creates insecurities. Is it safe to go to a concert? Will I be safe if I go for a walk in the market?

As people, we want to live our lives without fear, worry, or pity. If theres a way to counter these events and save innocents, I’m all for supporting!”

Any other feedback, vision, positive vibes that come to mind on an Ananas level.

“I really like the team. I’ve known Zeena since our days back at Stanford. The entire team is made up of interesting individuals who are passionate towards the mission of countering terrorism and creating awareness for a safer environment.”