Ananas advisor series: Introducing Muddassar Ahmed

We are pleased to have Muddassar Ahmed join Ananas’ board of advisors. Muddassar is a specialist in global public relations, digital media and communication. His role as a Chief Executive at Unitas Communications has been and will continue to be vital in raising awareness about the necessity to harmonize cultural, religious and institutional cliques. As a leader of Unitas Communications he guided cardinal projects for the United Nations, the Arab League, the NHS, the US State Department and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

His journey as an international mediator started taking considerable shape when he founded the Concordia Forum in 2008, bringing together Senior Western Muslim leaders in government, corporate, charitable and media sectors from the US, UK, and Europe for an annual retreat. Muddassar advocates and promotes greater social integration, social mobility, and collaborative thinking. His views on achieving these aspirations are exceptionally in alignment with Ananas’ values.

Moreover, Muddassar acted as an Independent Advisor to the UK Government on UK Muslim communities, and is now President of the John Adams Society, the UK’s official US State Department IVLP Association. He is a Patron and Director of the European Network of American Alumni and the Faith’s Forum for London.

Ananas is delighted to have Muddassar’s trust and support. We asked for his opinion on the development of the Foundation, his enthusiasm guided by a comprehensive view, yet grounded in a constructivist-realist perspective on the state of the world at present.

What do you think Ananas greatest impact will be?
“Ananas represents a profoundly innovative way for non-profits to raise financing to bring good into the world. It also, specifically, offers an experimental approach to tackling one of the world’s biggest challenges: extremism. Never before has anyone attempted to use cryptocurrencies to incentivise a decentralised community to develop authentic narratives which bring people together. I am convinced that the startling success of Ananas’ launch phase provides a preliminary proof-of-concept for how cryptocurrencies can be used to rapidly raise community support for charitable and philanthropic projects. The possibilities that follow from this are endless, because it shows that by engaging in the support for a charity through the right type of cryptospace-based ecosystem, you can become part of a new community where participants are rewarded for their contributions to the public good.
 I look forward to participating in how this wonderful experiment continues to unfold.”

What do you think Ananas’ best quality is compared to other startups and crypto projects?
“By utilising cryptocurrencies as an incentive to curate new approaches to difficult theological conversations, Ananas opens up whole new possibilities for how communities can engage in the task of religious interpretation and ideological dialogue. Never before has there been an attempt to marry advanced technology with traditional tafsir (the science of exegesis or interpretation of the Qur’an) in this way.
 In the age of social media polarisation, where people are drawn into self-reinforcing bubbles, Ananas’ unique approach to harnessing the power of blockchain technology to follow, curate and reward constructive conversations, dialogues and explorations of Islam’s most sacred text, could set an unprecedented benchmark for the future of public discourse where disagreements are entrenched and ideological. No other crypto project has attempted such an endeavour, and I believe that this initiative makes Ananas stand out in this space as an example of what the future holds.”

What is your favourite thing about Ananas, on a personal level?
“Personally, I am excited to see a non-profit initiative become so successful in the cryptocurrency space, which is a rare thing. I expect, however, that many others will be inspired by Ananas’ brave creativity and begin to follow similar trajectories.”

Any other feedback, vision, positive vibes that come to mind on an Ananas level.
“Ultimately, Ananas is a creative, multidisciplinary experiment that spans the worlds of technology, information, business, faith, theology, spirituality, community and society. There will be ups and downs, but whatever happens, the model that Ananas is pioneering promises to transform the way we think, learn and engage with one another, in a way that I see would empower millions of citizens to go back into their communities armed with the knowledge that can successfully delegitimise narratives of violence, exclusion and polarisation.”