Ananas advisor series: Introducing Quadri Oshibotu

Quadri Oshibotu is one of the original Ananas team players. Having helped build the first prototype he’s now thrilled to bring it to a wider audience having been with us through thick and thin, he’s advising the team on tech and operations.

Oshibotu’s background is in helping create products which are used by millions and that have been recognised by notable press. He currently works at Connected Lab, a product development agency that works with the world’s most ambitious brands. Previously, Oshibotu played a key role at the Shopify-acquired Tiny Hearts as Product Manager & Director of Operations.

Through his time with the team, Oshibotu believes that Ananas will offer a new way for people to explore information in a meaningful way during this misinformation era. When asked about Ananas, Oshibotu answered with the following.

What do you think Ananas greatest impact will be?

“Ananas will make the world a better place by allowing people to have easy access to accurate information which they can learn from, and use to better understand others. This platform will create a precedent for other technology companies to leverage emerging technologies in a way that is valuable and has a beneficial impact on society. In a world of fake news, knowledge bias and lack of adequate dialogue, a platform such as this will at least open the doors for people to consider other viewpoints.”

What do you think Ananas’ best quality is compared to other startups and crypto projects?

“Ananas has a very broad and qualified team who are all aligned with the companies mission, this goes a long way. Unlike other companies in this space who are taking advantage of blockchain technology, Ananas is building a product that will actually provide value and are working to ensure that ALL of their stakeholders can not only take part in building this platform together, but that they receive a return on their investment.”

What is your favourite thing about Ananas, on a personal level?

“I enjoy working on projects that have a beneficial impact on society with people who are smart, driven and committed; “team work makes the dream work”. It’s been a pleasure working with the team to date and I appreciate the opportunity to take part in this. If the team continues on their current path of working hard, and making the right strategic moves then this project will go far.”

Any other feedback, vision, positive vibes that come to mind on an Ananas level

“I’m happy to see a team that is not only taking advantage of blockchain technology in a way that makes sense, but also takes the time to do research to inform that they’re making the right decisions and are grounded in ethics.”