Ananas advisor series: Introducing Tom Kosnik

One of Ananas’ most recent advisors to come aboard is Tom Kosnik. He’s keen to help the Ananas mission reach its full potential with advice from both a VC standpoint and one of a startup consultant. Kosnik has been supportive of the cause since he first heard about it in 2014.

Kosnik is a Venture Partner at FoundersX Ventures and an adjunct professor at Stanford Engineering, Department of MS&E. Kosnik is an early stage cross border investor focused on Silicon Valley; Singapore; Chengdu; Beijing; Shanghai; Chongqing; Hangzhou; Bangkok; Ho Chi Minh City; Jakarta. He is a coauthor of Ramfelt, Kjellberg and Kosnik (2014) Gear Up: Test Your Business Model Potential and Plan your Path to Success. Kosnik is also a Consulting Professor for National University of Singapore (NUS) College in Silicon Valley (NCSV) and the NUS iLEAD program (2002-present). His current Stanford courses include Global Entrepreneurial Marketing (GEM), and Technology Entrepreneurship. He also teaches New Venture Creation for NUS. He taught Marketing at Harvard Business School from 1985–89, and launched HBS’s Entrepreneurial Marketing course in 1995–97.

Kosnik has a BA in History and International Relations from Duke University, an MBA from the University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Kosnik believes in helping people and social startups, he’s a great professor who truly cares and motivates his students to solve real world problems. He previously mentored Zeena and her Bespecular cofounders and is now advising Ananas. We’re fortunate to have had the chance to ask him some questions on such short notice.

What do you think Ananas greatest impact will be?

“Ananas will promote peace by helping people around the world learn the truth about major ideologies, starting with Islam.”

What do you think Ananas’ best quality is compared to other startups and crypto projects?

“Ananas has a mission that will have a major positive social impact around the world.”

What is your favourite thing about Ananas, on a personal level?

“The combination of big brains, open minds, open hearts, and generous spirit of the founders.”

Any other feedback, vision, positive vibes that come to mind on an Ananas level.

“I can’t wait to learn more about Islam and about the social impact of Ananas innovations in technology.

I encourage my friends and colleagues to go to Ananas to learn more, join the Ananas community, and if you can, participate in the Crowdsale.”