Ananas Update [16/10/17]

Dear readers,

We are posting this to provide more details on the Ananas crowdsale and bounty campaign.

Anacoin Crowdsale

As you all know, Ananas launched its crowdsale on Monday October 9th. We have been accepting both ETH and non ETH payments powered by Stripe.

We have enjoyed engaging with people interested in Ananas for so many different reasons. We loved doing the AMA with the lovely community on Reddit as well as the many conversations that followed from press, our blog, and intercom. We have learned a lot from your great feedback and insights, which is why we are implementing some of your suggestions in the following week.

After all, this is all for you, the community.

Smart contract
We are rolling out an Anacoin smart contract based on industry-leading standards in the next 48 hours to automate the Anacoin purchase and distribution process, giving extra reassurance. Subscriptions to this smart contract will be open until the 16th of November or the hard cap hit, when all tokens will unlock on schedule to all participants.

To the earliest supporters, an extra thank you!
All those that have contributed before will be receiving a 10% bonus on tokens as a thank you. These Anacoins are coming from an allocation of $50,000 worth of Anacoins that we set aside for one of the original foundations who funded our research. This Foundation has graciously gifted these Anacoins back to Ananas.

Until we distribute the Ananas tokens, please have this cat gif as an extra ‘token’ of appreciation. Aren’t Cat gifs the original digital tokens anyway?

More content! 
In a series of blog posts in the coming weeks, we’re going to focus on boiling down the project to its core and cover all key questions and comments raised in the AMA and other conversations. If you have more to add, you are always welcome to send us any questions or comments you have per e-mail, telegram, or any other social platform of choice.

Anacoin Bounty Campaign

The bounty campaign is ending today on October 16th at 11.59 pm and to everyone who joined to help out:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Whether it was sharing posts, retweeting, translating the whitepaper, or just signing up to the mailing list, for you to have taken the time to help in some capacity is something we really appreciate.

We want to assure you that all spreadsheets will be updated and sifted through to ensure token allocation starts in the next few weeks, with all bounty tokens available for transfer by November 16th, 2017.

It’s about fairness
The reason why we need some time to start distributing the tokens is because we want to make sure the distribution is fair and proportional.

Everyone who put their efforts into the campaign will get the rewards they deserve.

We feel it wouldn’t be fair to those who put in real valuable time and effort, if we rewarded bots and pushing content through Google Translate all the same. We hope you understand, and thank you for the patience!

We hope you will continue to support this project to contribute to the value of your Anacoins as well as to the success of a genuinely impactful platform.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the bounty campaign, for example if you haven’t filled out the forms we have sent out to collect your wallet address, please feel free to get in touch via the Anacoin slack channel or email


  • We are implementing a smart contract within the next 48 hours to automate the sale process until the 16th of November.
  • Bounty campaign remains unchanged: everyone who contributed will be rewarded by the 16th of November with the bounty closing today. Make sure you have provided your details before the 30th of October using the form sent to you, or sent us an e-mail.
  • Everyone who participated before the implementation of the smart contract will/has received a 10% bonus as an extra thank you!
  • In the coming weeks, we will release content focusing on the core basic concepts of Ananas, including how to model their value, and other great questions raised by you.
  • If you have feedback, questions, or comments, email us. We listen to them.

And in other news:
Last Wednesday on October 11th, 2017, Ananas cofounder Emad Mostaque spoke at the ICO Event in London (a snippet of his talk can be found from 1:05:21 onwards here).

Marco wrote on our philosophy and vision, will be the last one for a while: “When the problem and solution are the same”.

As more and more people are seeing the potential of Ananas, we are in discussion for several other grants addition to those already received, we will keep you updated!


Zeena Qureshi

CEO of the Ananas Foundation