Our Coin Sale In Plain English

Coin sales are en vogue.

2017 has been the year of the ICO, with $2.7 billion raised this year and sales often hosted by obscure startups with nebulous product claims and even more nebulous business models.

Translating Our Coin Sale

The blockchain community needs to do a much better job when talking about money. Right now, the language and communications around ICOs are way too opaque and technical. We’re all guilty of this at times and in doing so, missing out on an opportunity: To engage with the world beyond crypto and achieve mass engagement with people who care little about blockchain, but care deeply about the world and how we can improve it with technology.

So, as we head into the final stages of our coin sale, we’re going back to basics to explain the rationale behind it in plain english.

Basics of Supply and Demand

Why we’re holding a coin sale

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world and yet, there is no accessible Quran platform geared for today’s lay audience to use to study or congregate around. At Ananas, we’re determined to change that.

Existing web and app based solutions are simple and effective, but we believe there is a big opportunity to leverage recent technological advances in AI, machine learning, blockchain and mobile computing to build the world’s first “Living Quran”. By that we mean a Quran platform that is interactive, social and contextualised by subjective knowledge. It allows communities to express their interpretations for their own communities and others to best understand them, providing vital context. By bringing the Quran into the Information Age, we can promote understanding, tolerance and community across borders. By doing so, we seek to neutralise fake news and the ideological divisions that are polarizing our society, inciting hatred and division.

The Living Quran will tackle Islamic extremism and Islamophobia, allowing people to dig into the core text of Islam, get help from knowledgeable individuals and make better decisions about their own beliefs. In order to make this happen, we’re holding a coin sale to drive early engagement and fund platform and community development. We believe in the power of community and we want to provide an opportunity for people to be a part of our movement.

The Anacoin Economy

In order to achieve our long term aims, we are building a token economy. Our tokens — Anacoins — confer more than utility value. They also possess an inherent scarcity value and membership to the Ananas community. Scarcity is an important concept. It’s visible everywhere — the economy, the natural world, even the laws of physics. After all, there are only so many hours in the day.

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world today, and we have capped Anacoin issuance at 1 billion. The supply of coins is pre-minted, which means it is limited. As more people join our cause and use Anacoins for sponsorship and staking, the supply/demand balance will shift, providing a real-time indication of how the platform is perceived, the social proof.

Ananas is your usual charity

Ananas is a nonprofit foundation committed to bringing together communities that promote peace and mutual understanding. We are helping the world fight hate through technology.

Ananas is a foundation, but you shouldn’t think of us like a conventional charity. We are pioneering a new model that leverages blockchain to create a token economy for subjective knowledge. In doing so, we’re reforming the traditional dichotomy of investment for personal gain and donation for social good. We’re aligning personal interests with those of society.

We don’t need to be a charity that depends on altruism to do good. And we don’t need to be a profit-seeking company to create value for our stakeholders. We’ve written extensively about Turning Good Into Gold and how this is a paradigm shift for non-profits.

Why now?

There is clear demand for a new kind of digital Quran platform, one built for the 21st Century. Ananas has the expertise — both technical and academic — to make this a reality.

This project wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago. Technological advances in mobile computing, AI and blockchain have created new opportunities for the collection, structuring and analysis of unstructured data at scale. A technological renaissance is underway, and it’s time we applied the sharpest tools at our disposal to the world’s most important texts in order to promote understanding and tolerance amongst people everywhere.

We believe that people who crave this outcome will back us and claim a stake in our collective future. Forget everything you’ve heard about charities and how they operate. We’re giving people the opportunity to benefit from doing good, aligning the interests of individuals and society.

Why don’t you claim your stake in the future by participating in our coin sale? Read more here.