Oriental Opulence

Oriental Opulence is a thriving trend, continually inspiring exotic stories across the runaways.

Anand Jon — Oriental Opulence

Anand Jon Alexander, an Indian-American fashion designer, broadens out this trend into interpretations of oriental style that marry the feminine and the androgynous, the opulent and the effortless.

From ravishing runway shows to stunning image editorials, the Oriental fashion features celebrate Asian cultural styling.

Asia’s rich culture and history have contributed to countless style inspirations that are taking the fashion industry by storm. This reoccurring Oriental theme is prevalent in countless magazine editorials, high budget ad campaigns and theatrical runway presentations that are embracing bold brocade prints, patterned silk materials and dramatic draping details, said Anand Jon.

Japanese fashion designers first introduced the concept of “one piece of cloth” that wanted to emphasize the idea of a linear clothing as the basic structure of Japanese apparel. Today prints, embroidery and an air of androgynous cool make the Orient tales astonishing and inspiring, added celebrity designer Anand Jon Alexander.

Traditional Oriental motifs and kimono detailing, add an opium-soaked dose of mystery and glamour, embodying an opulent visual aesthetic. Prints are the key to this trend. From dragons to flowers to cranes, rich brocades, or simple printed cotton, it doesn’t matter as long as the mood is exotic and the theme is strong, advised Anand Jon.

According to Anand Jon, if you’re not a daring fashionista but still you want to rock this trend without looking too costume, silk oriental cape is the piece that will help you to do just that. A simple cape with mandarin collar either embroidered or kept minimal, will elevate your look without much effort. It is flexible enough to beat all the other forms of dressing and it can be worn with either sides up or down, and will still go well with any other piece.

Incorporating simple flowing silks and fluttering kimonos, styled with the right degree of subtlety, will give you a beauty look that’s softly exotic, yet very much played down. A belt or belt contrastingly modern fabrics can be combined with a kimono look, continued Anand Jon Alexander.

The love of the East has influenced many designers, including Anand Jon Alexander and it is still a never ending inspiration.

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