Ananda Impact Ventures invests in Hungarian healthcare provider Doktor24

With Doktor24, Ananda Impact Ventures welcomes its first Hungarian investment to the portfolio.
The investment is being made alongside co-investor Value4Capital, a mid-market Polish and central European buy-out fund.

Munich / Budapest, 16 April 2020 — Doktor24, a leading Hungarian provider of outpatient and occupational medical services recently closed a single digit million-euro financing round. The funds were provided by Ananda Impact Ventures, a Munich / London based impact venture capital fund and Value4Capital, a Central European private equity fund.

Doktor24 is a private clinic chain providing access to affordable, reliable and quality assured medical services. The enterprise, founded in 2006 by Robert Lancz and Dr. János Kóka, originally started out as an occupational healthcare provider focused on serving companies and insurance providers. Today, as one of Hungary’s leading providers of outpatient and occupational medical services, it offers a wide range of medical services directly to patients. A proprietary IT system as well as advanced data analytics and patient routing enable the enterprise to substantially improve efficiency, transparency, waiting times and access to outpatient care services.

In Hungary, the healthcare market is not yet delivering the desired outcomes. A lack of resources relative to the need and a concentration of new private developments targeting mainly the better-off has resulted in patients being confronted with long waiting times and a deteriorating level of service.

Dr24 is driven by the vision to generate a positive change in this challenging system by providing accessible, transparent, quality medical care for a large part of Hungary’s population. “Doktor24 is committed to complimenting what the Hungarian public healthcare system can offer and making that available to a broad section of society.” says Johannes Weber, Managing Partner at Ananda Impact Ventures. “They tackle a key social challenge right where it is needed, which perfectly fits our investment focus.”

By investing capital into Doktor24, Ananda Impact Ventures and Value4Capital will enable Doktor24 to pursue its buy-and-build strategy and strong growth path in the private healthcare market. The current financing round funds Doktor24’s recently agreed acquisitions of two well recognized healthcare businesses in Hungary and supports the Group in developing new facilities to expand the existing capacity and reach farther into the community with an expanded range of outpatient capacities for adults and children, inpatient orthopedic surgery facilities and the largest Hungarian occupational healthcare client base.

About Ananda Impact Ventures

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