The Ananda Impact Ventures Manifesto

How we think, what we believe and how we want to make a difference

The Ananda team
The Ananda team
  • Reducing the negative effects of climate change and globalisation
  • Improving our exhausted healthcare systems
  • Providing access to quality education
  • Fostering an equitable humanity
  • Consumer behaviour is shifting towards more sustainable choices. Over 90% of consumers are likely to switch to brands that align with their values and have sustainability at their core.
  • Governments are increasingly aware of the economic and societal challenges we face and have developed both incentives and regulation that create a supportive infrastructure for impact businesses.
  • Many universities have created programs around impact entrepreneurship and impact investing, educating students and professionals in how to become catalysts for change.
  • Major European institutions are increasingly directing capital streams towards impact entrepreneurship and impact investing.
  • Great private fortunes are being directed in a more meaningful way by the next generation of wealthy families and individuals searching for suitable investment opportunities.
Redefining Healthcare, educational empowerment, sustainability transformation, equitable humanity
We aim to tackle pressing societal issues in four areas of impact.
Ieso — woman in front of a computer
NatureMetrics — Katie Critchlow & Dr. Kat Bruce
OroraTech — Firefighter using OroraTech platform
The Ananda team



We back game-changing companies across Europe to achieve global impact. Ananda Impact Ventures is the leading impact venture capital fund with a pan-European investment remit, managing ca. €200 million in four Core Impact Funds

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Ananda Impact Ventures

Let’s build stuff that truly matters! We back game-changing companies across Europe to achieve global impact.