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Ana’s stories

Dear readers,

Here in Ana’s stories, or should I say my stories, it’s been all about mental health lately. I wrote again about comic journaling in How to Beat Procrastination With Comic Journaling. I have come up with this method of drawing comics to deal with certain mental struggles and so far it has helped me immensely. You get to introspect about what you are going through and in the end you have a product of that exercise: a comic of your own creation! Be sure to also check out my first article about this method: Comic Journaling for Mental Health.

Besides comics, I also wrote about ADHD and how it affects the capability to enjoy reading in Think Twice Before Judging People Who Don’t Read Books. Even if you are not struggling with ADHD, you might find that you relate to not having the patience to read books and instead resorting to social media with multimodal content.

And if you are new to Ana’s stories, scroll through it and you will find all the older posts on diverse topics, including culture, language, and (mental) health.

And last but not least, be sure to check out my new publication “Language explained”, where we discuss everything you ever wondered about how language works and also how linguists go about figuring out the inner workings of language. We already have several nice articles for you to read!

Thank you all for reading my stories and have a cozy autumn filled with reading!




Ana’s stories share thoughts on everything that entertains or worries the humans of today, from mental health to science, art, and pop culture.

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Ana Krajinovic

A linguist, PhD and comic creator writing about mental health, languages, creativity, and life stuff (newsletter: