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Comic Journaling for Mental Health

Did you know that making comics can make you feel better?

A drawn comic panel representing a girl looking at her art book saying “happiness?”
A comic panel created by the author, Ana Krajinović (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Comic journaling or daily comics are usually made for others to read. Even more so, they are usually made by “artists”. But what if I told you that you don’t need to be an artist to make funny comics that can help your mental health? What if you just take the stressor that is making you sad and…




Ana’s stories share thoughts on everything that entertains or worries the humans of today, from mental health to science, art, and pop culture.

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Ana Krajinovic

Ana Krajinovic

A linguist, PhD and comic creator writing about mental health, languages, creativity, and life stuff (

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