The Beauty of Sadness

In my previous entry, I introduce you to one of my beliefs. Pain is a gift in life, and something to be cherished. Why?

Life is bittersweet

And that’s okay.

Whenever you face sadness and its brother pain, you always wanted to move away from sadness as quickly as possible. I’d say, let your heart be broken into a million pieces. When sadness rip your heart open, you become fully human.

Any life that is rich with experiences is going to have some pain. It is all part of the process of living fully. You would not be fully alive if you did not encounter some pain along the way. It brings opportunity for growth.

When you experience emotional pain, such as when a relationship ends or when you lose someone you were strongly connected to, it is confirmation of how deeply you felt about that person or thing. The absence of that pain would mean an absence of caring deeply.

Your pain is only ever equal to how much you loved.

We all want our lives to be filled with love and friendship and tight emotional bonds. Inevitably, those connections will cause us some pain, though, again, that is okay. It’s better to have loved and lost, right?

When you feel hurts because of a disappointment of some kind, such as when you let yourself down by not following through or by failing to succeed at something you set out to do, you are given a great opportunity to learn and grow.

As I wrote in my previous entry, that i pushed myself too hard having attempted something and failed puts me in the unique position of knowing what it is like to do it wrong, and that is sometimes the best way to see how something should be done correctly. It is within these failures that the opportunity for growth and learning occurs. It has the power to introduce a crack in our idea of reality.

A period of pain and suffering will eventually come to a close through the process of healing. You may heal quickly or it may take months or even years to heal. The time will vary depending on the severity of the damage. You will heal in many different ways. Sometimes healing comes soon, for no discernible reason. Sometimes healing from deep emotional and psychological wounds comes about only after years of work and effort. Sometimes you need some assistance from a professional to get beyond the pain. Just like its physical counterpart, an emotional wound takes time, attention, and care to get better.

The attention and level of care you give yourself will affect how quick and how complete your recovery will be. Through this process you will uncover things you may not have realised about yourself, and you will learn how strong and capable you are to withstand a trying time.

Just as love, joy, happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilment are all parts of a well-balanced life, so, too, are pain and sorrow. Embrace and cherish all the feelings available to you with the knowledge that great pain is a confirmation of great love.

May God bless you abundantly. You’re Gonna Make It.