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Anatha Announces Partnership with N LITE, a Black Creators Media Group

As Black History Month ends, this partnership celebrates a more equitable black future at the intersection of crypto and creativity.

Anatha is at once proud and excited to announce our partnership with N LITE, a multimedia company built by creators growing the largest global community of people who crave stories from the black and brown imagination.

Crypto in general, and Anatha specifically, aims to give ownership—of value, of information, of creativity—back to the people (rather than empowering oppressive financial systems and enriching oligarch-owned monopolies). Bringing N LITE’s creators together with Anatha’s developers and know-how, this partnership will deliver value directly to artists as well as to Anatha’s network participants.

The partnership will allow N LITE to distribute exclusive NFT creative works by legendary and emerging content creators from the global black and brown community through Anatha’s network. True to the ethos and mission of both brands, this partnership forges a more equitable and fair black and brown future.

A shared mission
The N LITE partnership marks another step forward in Anatha’s mission to use crypto for social good and a better future for all. N LITE’s mission is to uplift the power of the black and brown imagination to create new pathways for content across film, television, gaming, visual art and more. At the core of the N LITE mission is black and brown creativity, ownership, autonomy, and authenticity.

“N LITE is full of ambitious and impactful black and brown voices. Anatha’s mission has always been to bring more people together to create a more beautiful and equitable system,” said Edward DeLeon, CEO and founder of Anatha. “As partners, we can actually build the black and brown digital future we wish to see together.”

“As Black History Month ends, the announcement of this partnership looks towards Black Future, the African Diaspora and its rightful place in the new crypto ecosystem. We’re excited to work with a talented team such as Anatha, and this is the first step of many in our global strategy.” said Christiano Terry, CEO and Founder of N LITE. “At N LITE, our purpose is to create destinations, platforms and safe spaces for black and brown creativity and Anatha will help us build this digital future.”

Anatha is dedicated to developing a new, more equitable financial ecosystem built on the principles of decentralized finance where influence and opportunity are distributed equally. N LITE is a media company investing in Black Futures and sharing Black culture with the world, in a way that rewards its artists and creators.

About Anatha
Anatha is an ethos-driven decentralized ecosystem, cryptocurrency, and end-to-end blockchain solutions provider. Founded in 2017 by crypto veterans and former Apple, Adobe, Visa, and JP Morgan talent, Anatha is designing new radically inclusive economic systems that put human needs first and return value to the hands of its participants.

Anatha’s innovative economic design creates a regenerative economy that feeds value directly to its network participants, creating a bottom-up universal basic income (UBI) that is working to uplift everyone everywhere.

For more about Anatha & how we help communities empower themselves, visit our website >

About N LITE
N LITE is a multimedia company serving content creators by growing the largest global community of people who crave stories, worlds, games, toys and collectibles from the black and brown imagination. N LITE’s ownership model and proprietary technology allows for the scaling of franchisable black and brown content through global traditional, new media and mobile distribution channels.

N LITE is led by a diverse veteran team of executives from HBO, NEXTEL, Boeing, and McKinsey & Co., along with tech start-up pioneers, and award-winning creatives.

For more information on N LITE, check out the website >



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