Apr 26, 2018 · 3 min read

We are happy to announce that Anbotux is launching the SaaS version as beta to provide a sandbox to initial intensive in customer care enterprises and customer-care and chatbot technology companies to “hands-on” discover Anbotux and move to commercial opportunities as customers or partners.

Firstly, a brief recap about Anbotux. Anbotux is a customer-centric customer-care analytics delivering “customer behavior understanding” to make feasible to customize the customer care, specially but noy only, chatbots. Customer-journey but chatbot focused.

Combining own enterprise customer segmentation, time & style insights from chatbot and other customer care channels (web, app, branch offices, IVR, etc) and a normalized evolution of defined external events (weather, stock exchange indexes or shares, marketing pressure of competitors, macroeconomic figures, etc) Anbotux helps to better understand the motivation and drivers for each individual customer/user or the customer segments, and the chat-style in the case of chatbots. This user-style and “mindset” feedback is also API provided and could be used for customer care personalization. A brief video introducing the concept.

The platform offers different access roles:

  1. For the visual analtytics tool:
  • Admin: granted to visualize, create/edit the enterprise data-model and create users for the visual tool and for the APIs to feed the platform and retrieve user-profile feedback.
  • Editor: granted access to the analytics tools and visualize metrics and edit the data-model.
  • Viewer: granted access to the analytics tools, visualization, etc.

2. For using the APIs:

  • API users with priviledges for all APIs or just a few (the ones applying). There are 4 different APIs to feed the different datasets used: Chatbot interactions, CRM history, Customer Info and External Contexts.

Find further introduction to the platform here:

How to join the beta SaaS? Easy, follow the next stepts.

  1. Register your interest in our website (just email required)

2. We will contact you providing the admin-user of your account and proposing a hangout based workshop with first steps, email address for support, the documentation. Now you will be able to access to the platform and create your datamodel and start feeding your data.

login page to the beta Saas

3. Whatever feedback will be used for improving the product both, with potential fixes and new features to be included in the roadmap.

4. At any time if you think you want more focused resources or you plan to move forward we can discuss further cooperation in the case of prospect customers (banks, telcos, insurance, airlines, ecommerce, utilities, etc) or potential partnership with chatbot vendors, other customer care or business intelligence vendors or integrators.

Is it really needed to feed all the datasets and integrate with all potential data sources to start with Anbotux?

NO, you may start only with chatbots if it is your case and use the platform to identify different chatting styles and potential correlation with external events and comparing different chatbot versions (A/B), and progressively discover the potential of combining the different data sources. In the introductory workshop we would explain different paths for Anbotux adoption/deployment/ integration.

Did we integrate in advance Anbotux with chatbot platforms?

Yes, before launching the beta SaaS we integrated (and applied the lessons learnt) with and other chatbot platform to be announced soon.

Time to act !!! Join our beta.

Also you can follow us: @anbotux and linkedin


Anbotux is creating an agnostic customer behavioural analytics and user personalization engine for Chatbots.


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Anbotux is creating an agnostic customer behavioural analytics and user personalization engine for Chatbots.

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