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After explaining how to use Anbotux as omnichannel customer-centric analytics for chatbot personalization with Dialogflow (by Google) now we are glad to announce how easy it is to use another chatbot leading platform (by SAP). For Anbotux, it is key to make very easy to add a new piece for customer-journey understanding and getting personalization tips for chatbot personalization by big corporates with omnichannel customer care, a segmented customer base and currently trying to levarage the power of chatbots through leading vendors .

How to integrate is showcased in this video:

Anbotux integration with chatbots.

The integration steps are:

  • Add the chatbot basic information and stepts/intent list using your Anbotux account with datamodel permission.
Chatbot intents/steps in
Chatbots intents/steps labels declared in Anbotux
  • Create an Anbotux API user with permissions to feed the Anbotux chatbot interactions database.
  • Set callback URL in your chatbot settings to receive messages from
  • In the backend chatbot code parse the messages received and invoke Anbotux API calls to real time report the chatbot interactions.

You are ready now to see how chatbot interactions are being reported in the platform and you can get the metrics provided and also the benchmarks with other channels & flow-analysis.

Remember that with our recently launched private beta SaaS we can help with the integration if you are using well or other platforms. Trialing Anbotux is easier than you could imagine. You can ask for a workshop and a beta account at

If you have a chatbot platform and are interested in interoperating and a potential partnership, you are welcome, let us know :-)

Also you can follow us: @anbotux and linkedin

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