Using Anbotux with Clustaar chatbots.

Following our interoperability posts today we present how easy is to use Anbotux with Clustaar (a France based company) chatbot platform.

In the next video the steps are described:

Clustaar-Anbotux interoperability.

The integration steps are:

  • Verify the Anbotux data API user persmissions to feed chatbot interactions or create it.
  • Add the clustaar chatbot basic information and stepts list using your Anbotux account with datamodel editor permission.
Chatbot list-> see details
Clustar chatbot stories/steps flow
stories/steps listed in the Anbotux definitio of chatbot.
  • In Clustaar add the intermediate Webhook URL to receive notifications and using Anbotux API process them to feed the database.
  • In Clustaar check that the chatbot channel is live.

You are ready now to see how chatbot interactions are being reported in the platform and you can get the metrics provided and all the visualizations to understand the different chatbot, user and customer-based metrics.

Our recently launched private beta SaaS can help with the integration if you are using clustaar. You can ask for a workshop and a beta account at

We will be happy partnering with clustaar in potential joint opportunities.

We are working in integration procedures with other chatbot platforms to be announced soon. If you have a chatbot platform and are interested in interoperating and a potential partnership, you are welcome, let us know :-)

Also you can follow us: @anbotux and linkedin

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