Anchor is now IAB Podcast Measurement 2.0 certified

Anchor is backed by the industry standard in podcast analytics, so you can measure your show’s performance and monetize your content with confidence.



We’re excited to announce that Anchor is backed by the industry standard in advertising for podcast analytics: IAB Podcast Measurement 2.0 certification. Whether you’re an experienced podcaster or just starting out, now you can make strategic decisions about your show knowing that Anchor’s metrics and definitions are verified to follow the guidelines most widely accepted by hosting platforms, media companies, brands, and creators alike.

We know how important it is for podcasters to earn money from their work, and with Anchor’s IAB certification, monetizing your show just got a little easier. IAB certification ensures standardized tracking, providing a common language for podcast measurement that’s trusted by advertisers. So if you decide to seek out sponsors on your own, you can take your analytics at face value and quantify your reach without any caveats. And since some advertisers will only work with podcasters whose metrics are IAB certified, your sponsorship options are now even more flexible.

Here’s a little more about the certification and what it means for your analytics.

How will this affect my analytics going forward?

We improved the way plays are counted to more precisely to filter out noise and duplicate traffic. Podcast metadata and non-human downloads, such as those from bots or search engines, are no longer counted towards plays.

Anchor analytics now show your unique listeners in the last 7 days, giving you an additional metric to measure your audience and evaluate the success of your show.

Will my play counts change at all?

Anchor’s analytics were already quite precise and haven’t undergone any major changes in order to achieve IAB certification. Some podcasters may notice a very slight decline in play counts as a result of more stringent measurement, but for most, everything will look about the same.

Note again that this change only applies to plays moving forward. Previously accrued play counts will stay the same.

What does it mean to be IAB certified?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its partner organization, IAB Tech Lab, develop standards, conduct research, and provide legal support for the online advertising industry.

IAB Podcast Measurement 2.0 Certification involves an audit by a third-party firm in order to guarantee strict adherence to the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.0, a series of standard metrics and technical specifications to regulate podcast measurement and reduce analytics discrepancies across the industry.

This certification verifies that Anchor is fully compliant with the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines.

Head over to your Anchor dashboard to explore your new analytics and grow your show!