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Audio Can Go Viral, with Anchor Videos

With today’s updates to Anchor Videos, it’s easier than ever to create and share customized, transcribed videos to let your audio run wild on the Internet.

Trim any video before sharing

Instead of sharing a full video for a segment, you can now trim the video any time (and as often as) you want. The coolest part is that we made it just as easy and intuitive to trim as it is to transcribe your segment in the first place. Instead of messing with waveforms and cursors, just tap the word you want to start with and the word you want to finish on. That’s it!

Share a video of anyone’s segment

Videos aren’t just limited to your own audio anymore. Now, if you come across a segment you want to share and the creator has transcribed it, you’ll see a special icon which lets you know you can share it as a link or a video. Choose video, and you’ll have the option to trim it first or share the whole thing.

Customize your video

The biggest feedback we got after launching Anchor Videos was that people wanted the ability to change the colors to better match their existing branding. As of today, you can choose from a set of color themes (and we’ll be adding lots more over time).

More ways to share your Anchor audio

While we have you here, we also thought we’d take this opportunity to remind you of all the other ways you can share the audio you create on (or upload to) Anchor!

Share a link to your station, a specific segment, or a permanent episode.

If you share a link to audio on Anchor, it’ll automatically unfurl into a playable audio card on Twitter or a beautiful profile card on Facebook.

Embed your station or any episode.

Anchor embeds look beautiful and are fully functional, so listeners can skip segments, play and pause, interact with songs you’ve shared, click through to your full Anchor profile, or share your audio themselves.

Add audio to your own station.

You can also add any audio you hear on Anchor to your own station, so your listeners can hear it as well (sort of like a retweet on Twitter). Fun fact: every time a segment is added to a new station, it resets the expiration clock, so the segment can live longer the more stations it’s added to.



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