Introducing all-new podcast sharing controls on Anchor

It’s now easier than ever to share your podcast, wherever people want to listen.

One of the classic pain points of podcasting is that when you want to promote your podcast, you have no idea which link to share. Or even if you know which platform most of your listeners use, it can be hard to find the link to your podcast without a lot of digging.

With Anchor’s new sharing controls — out today for iPhone and our new iPad app, and coming soon to web and Android — you never have to think about this again. Easily share the link to your Anchor profile (like this one, from Dissect), which includes links to your podcast everywhere it’s available so your listeners can choose their own adventure. Or just grab the specific link to any platform with one tap.

Along with this update, we’ve also made your distribution status crystal clear. So if you’ve got an existing podcast, you can see exactly where it’s currently available and which remaining platforms it’ll be on soon. If you’re starting a new podcast, we’ll let you know what your status is once you’ve requested distribution and help you resolve any delays if they come up.

We can’t wait for you to experience how much easier it is now to tell people about your podcast. And if you haven’t started yours yet, now’s a great time! Check out our How to Start a Podcast guide if you’re feeling stuck.

You can download the free Anchor app for iOS or Android, or sign up on the web at Happy podcasting!

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