Introducing Anchor Videos: the best way to share audio on social media

Starting today, anyone can leverage Anchor’s new video creation technology to quickly turn audio segments into beautiful, shareable videos, featuring word-by-word transcription that syncs perfectly with your audio.

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3 min readAug 8, 2017


Earlier this year, we introduced Anchor 2.0, enabling anyone to quickly and easily broadcast their voice to the world with the tap of a button on their iOS or Android device. Since launch, we’ve been sharing beautiful videos to social for Anchor’s most popular segments using a beta transcription tool we had been developing internally for months. We’ve also been letting some amazing podcasters, YouTubers, and other creators try it out.

Crooked Media has been using it for their hit podcast, Pod Save America (consistently the #1 overall podcast in the US):

YouTuber Jordan Taylor of the massively popular comedy internet comedy channel, Blimey Cow, has been using Anchor Videos to showcase questions from his fans:

The Outline has been using Anchor videos to share audio highlights of their stories on social:

Now (after many, many requests) we’re giving everyone access to this proprietary tool. Starting today, anyone can quickly generate an Anchor video for any audio segment, right from within the Anchor app. Here’s how it works:

Anchor Videos
  1. Record your audio in Anchor (or upload it at
  2. Tap the video button next to any segment in your Anchor profile. We’ll quickly transcribe your audio.
  3. Scan our transcription and correct any issues you see with a single tap. You can fix incorrect words, remove words that don’t belong, or add new ones that we may have missed. Our transcription technology will automatically line your words up correctly with the audio.

You’re done! You can now easily share an Anchor video wherever you want — and other users will be able to share your video moving forward, too. Best of all, you can pick the size that makes sense for where you’re sharing, including wide (16:9, perfect for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook), square (1:1, perfect for Instagram), and story (9:16, perfect for Instagram Stories).

The easiest way to create beautiful, shareable videos out of your audio.

It’s really that easy (and fun!). So give it a try. You can start making videos right now with the free Anchor app for iOS and Android. And if you have a video you think we need to see, make sure to tag us on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. Have fun!

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