Introducing This Week on Anchor, our new show on SiriusXM

Today we’re introducing a new weekly show on SiriusXM that features a collection of the best up-and-coming podcasts in the world, shining a spotlight on conversations across a wide spectrum of viewpoints.

Earlier this year, we launched Anchor 3.0, making it easy for anyone anywhere to have their voices heard, regardless of experience. Now, through our new partnership with SiriusXM, we’re highlighting a collection of our favorite podcast segments from the Anchor community in This Week on Anchor. Each week, we find a trend or event, like the latest on gaming and VR, marijuana legalization, or dating in a more connected world. We’ll collect the most vibrant, thought-provoking, and offbeat thinkers talking about that topic on the Anchor platform, then compile them together in an hour of radio made exclusively for SiriusXM. This Week on Anchor will air on Saturdays at 7am EST and 7pm EST, and Sundays at 3pm EST.

How to be featured on the show:

  • Create and publish an episode with Anchor (it’s easy, and 100% free)
  • Share it and tag us on social media @anchor on Twitter or everywhere else, to be considered!

How to listen to This Week on Anchor:

  • Sign up for SiriusXM if you don’t already have it!
  • Stream SiriusXM Insight Channel 121 from your car, or online here.
  • Catch the show on Saturdays at 7am EST and 7pm EST, and Sundays at 3pm EST.

We’re excited to bring the voices of Anchor to the satellites of SiriusXM! Tune in weekly, and keep coming out with great podcast episodes — we’re always listening and looking for new podcasts to feature!

Make your own podcast by downloading the Anchor app for iOS or Android. You can always find us on Anchor, Twitter, and via email. Happy podcasting!

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