Learn everything you need to know about making a great podcast

We’ve teamed up with online learning community Skillshare for a brand new, free introductory course on podcasting.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve typed “how to make a podcast” into your search bar at some point. Which is a great start! …and then you realize there are 581 million Google search results for that particular phrase.

If that seems a bit overwhelming, we’re with you. Anchor’s entire platform is built around making the answer to that very question — “How do I make a podcast?” — easy, intuitive, and possible from a single source. But we also recognize that sometimes you need a little extra help. Coming up with an idea to your show, finding your voice, and growing an audience can be tough, and it’s nice to have some best practices in mind.

We’ve teamed up with Skillshare, the online learning community for creators, to bring you just that. In a free (!) Skillshare course now available to anyone, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide to writing, recording, and launching your show. Think of it as all 581 million of those search results, distilled into a series of practically applicable, easy-to-digest videos — for free.

The course is led by Anchor’s head of production, John Lagomarsino, who’s produced podcasts for publications including The Verge and The Outline as well as a slew of his own shows over the years. John walks through each step of the podcasting process, from honing your initial idea to launch and promotion, and you can expect plenty of useful examples, gear recommendations, and tips based on years of experience.

Head over to Skillshare for the full course! We can’t wait to hear what you create.