New, powerful ways to add music to your audio with Anchor

Now you can do even more with music on Anchor, available for free on iOS and Android, thanks to creative new features and updates to our official integrations with Apple Music and Spotify.

Anchor makes it easy to create and share audio from your phone, whether you want to broadcast a daily radio show, turn it into a podcast, or transcribe it into shareable videos.

Add songs from your Spotify / Apple Music playlists.

For anyone creating audio on the Anchor platform, one of our unique features has always been the ability to add full songs to your station with Spotify and Apple Music. It opens up all kinds of creative new ways to make great audio, not to mention it’s *really* fun being able to DJ your favorite songs in between original recordings and call-ins. Today, we’re adding three new features that make music even more powerful in Anchor.

Connect your own playlists so you can easily browse them and add your current favorite songs to your Anchor station whenever you want. This makes it much quicker to add your own music (you can even add multiple songs from a single playlist in a row) than searching.

Add songs from your Spotify / Apple Music playlists.
Save songs you discover while listening to Anchor stations to your Spotify or Apple Music account.

Save songs you discover while listening to Anchor stations to your Spotify or Apple Music account.

We keep hearing from our users that Anchor is quickly becoming their favorite way to discover new music (and we’ve had this experience ourselves, too). So we’re really excited to bring you an easy way to save music while you’re listening, rather than having to app switch and manually search for it. Any songs you save will be added to an “Anchor” playlist so you can listen to them to your heart’s content.

Save songs to episodes!

Until now, songs could only be added to Anchor stations and always expired after 24 hours. We heard from a lot of musicians, DJs, and music lovers — whose content heavily relied on the music they included — that they couldn’t really use episodes effectively. So we’ve made it possible to save songs, permanently, to your Anchor episodes. (Note that songs will not sync to your external podcast if you have one set up.)

We hope you love these new music features, and can’t wait to see how you’ll use them. If you’re not already using Anchor, download it for free on iOS and Android. Got feedback? Hit us up at @anchor on Twitter.

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