The Anchor team’s favorite podcasts of 2018, created by you!

We’re endlessly impressed by Anchor users’ creativity and contribution to the growing podcast space. After a year of listening, here are some of the podcasts that impressed us the most, hand-selected by some of the team members who make Anchor possible. Thank you for making this an incredible year in podcast history, and we can’t wait to hear what 2019 brings.

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4 min readDec 20, 2018


Describing A Rock

“In times when you need to take a moment to step back and breathe, Describing A Rock hosted by Milo Axelrod will help you do just that. Both unconventionally meditative and relaxing, Milo takes listeners on an imaginative journey about rocks. But when she describes the rocks, it feels like she’s describing a whole universe.” —Michael Mignano, Co-Founder & CEO

Peach and Prosperity

“Julia and Jeff were born to host a podcast. This podcast is funny, interesting, and so clearly a labor of love.” — Nir Zicherman, Co-Founder & CTO


“Cole, the creator and host of Dissect, exemplifies everything I love about podcasting and everything I love about hip hop. He started the show as a passion project, using the long-form podcast format to unearth the music theory behind classics from Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. Dissect is now a Spotify Original, and it’s lost none of the inquisitiveness and attention to detail that can only come from really, really caring about your subject matter. The 2018 season, which focused on Frank Ocean (and specifically on his 2016 album Blonde), was beautifully executed and effectively addressed both the complexities of the album itself and its cultural impact.”—Laura Pezzini, Head of Communications

Berning In Hell

Berning In Hell’s host Hannah is a rising podcast star. In a world where most people are afraid to get vulnerable and talk about the tough stuff, Hannah dives right in. Her conversations with celebrities, reality stars, and influencers are super relatable and you’ll want to be her best friend.”—Armand Wilson, Head of Content Partnerships

Wild Thing

“I haven’t even finished it yet, but journalist Laura Krantz’s podcast about finding Bigfoot, Wild Thing, has me at the edge of my seat. Is Sasquatch actually real? Who are all these brilliant people spending their lives researching this legendary (and up until now, supposedly imaginary) creature? It’s podcast journalism at its finest, with a few really personal twists. I love the idea of exploring folklore through podcasts, and Laura does it effortlessly. “ — Anna Sian, Brand Manager

For Women Who Roar

“There’s nothing like listening to a podcast where you feel heard. For Women Who Roar is truly inclusive show, featuring the stories and experiences of women from all backgrounds. The power of podcasts is that we get to step into someone’s orbit for a moment, and see things from their perspective. This written publication turned podcast offers listeners the opportunity to do just that.” — Lisa Fierstein, Digital Media Manager

You Are Being Unreasonable

“This podcast is hilarious, British, and brutally honest. It brings out the self-consciousness in all of us as the hosts repeatedly ask the void (and their listeners) if people are acting unreasonable in highly specific scenarios. Usually they are, but hey, we’re all human. This confessional-style show is cathartic in our age of anxiety.” — Maya Prohovnik, VP of Product

That’s Weird

“If you like internet rabbit holes, paranormal, weird stuff, and the Pacific Northwest you will love That’s Weird. I found out about this show when they switched to Anchor and have been a listener since. The hosts are hilarious and the format is perfect.” — Chris Bosco, Web Engineer

How to Song

“I’m a huge music fan, and I really enjoy the creation process. So a podcast about making a song was right up my alley. Starting from scratch, the host, Joey Helpish, uses a mix of software and real instruments to build layers of his newest tune. Once he’s got the loops put together for the verses and chorus, he performs the song in its entirety to wrap up episode. It’s genius, I love it, and I have a sneaking suspicion he might actually be Jack Black.”—Tyler Brann, Head of Talent

Want to start a podcast in 2019? Check out our handy How to Start a Podcast guide for tips and tricks on how to make something awesome with Anchor. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback, via email or on Twitter.