The Best Podcasts of the Week: May 15th, 2018

Every week, the Anchor team shares a list of their favorite podcasts. Here are our top picks.

Here at Anchor, we love podcasts. As part of our mission to democratize audio, we feel it’s our responsibility to highlight some of the best audio on the internet, regardless of where it’s being created. Here are a few episodes we’ve been listening to in Anchor HQ this week.

The A24 Podcast

Episode: All of them are good.

Film studio A24’s track record over the past few years has been second to none, and their new podcast aims to let fans go behind the scenes with the stars of their biggest movies. Guests so far have included Toni Collette, Bo Burnham, Barry Jenkins, Greta Gerwig and more.

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Every Royal Wedding Podcast

Best royal wedding podcast name: On Heir

With the royal wedding coming up this weekend, a whole host of podcasts speculating about the event have popped up in the past few weeks. Apple Podcasts currently has a solid collection of them, but if you’re only going to check out one, listen to Radio Stakhanov’s “The Windsor Knot.”

Highly Spiritual

Episode: Ranjneesh Movement with Chapman & Maclain Way

Hosted by actress Heather Matarazzo and her partner Heather Turman, Highly Spiritual is an exploration of spirituality with various guests while extremely under the influence. The first episode’s guests are Chapman and Maclain Way, the directors of docuseries Wild Wild Country and is absolutely delightful.

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The Grift

Episode: Every single one

The Grift is not a new podcast, but is still a very solid ten episode binge if you’ve yet to check it out. In it, author Maria Konnikova interviews various con artists and thieves to learn about what goes through their minds mid-grift.

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Anxiety Diaries

Episode: Amber Rae on Choosing Wonder Over Worry

A weekly interview show about finding success while dealing with anxiety, Scott Neumyer’s show is an extremely helpful look into various guests’ daily struggles with their mental health and how they both cope and thrive.

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Nothing Much Happens

Episode: Whatever is the most recent

Kathryn Nicolai’s new sleep aid podcast is extremely low-key in the best way possible. Throw it on a smart speaker or use a podcast app with a sleep timer (like Pocket Casts or Breaker) and find yourself drifting off before you know what hit you.

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The NoSleep Podcast

Episode: A Seaside British Pub

Here’s the exact opposite of the above podcast. Each week, NoSleep comes to the table with an original horror story complete with full foley, voice acting and music. Recommended places to listen: The darkest room in your house, the middle of the woods, an abandoned warehouse that mysteriously closed in the mid-50s, or in an actual haunted house.

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Stoic Meditations

Episode: Whatever is the most recent

Every single day, City College of New York professor Massimo Pigliucci brings a quote from a legendary stoic philosopher and dives into its meaning in five minutes or less.

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The News by BuzzFeed News

Episode: We Exist!

BuzzFeed’s latest entry into the news recap space is a surprisingly tranquil listening experience. The first episode only lasts around twenty minutes and features a collection of interesting stories that may have slipped under your radar. It also features a bot named Jojo that you can text to learn more about any story you’d like to hear more about, which is a wild idea. Give it a shot.

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Brave, Not Perfect

Episode: Lane Murdock

Hosted by Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani, Brave Not Perfect aims to prove that success is often born of learning from failure. Each week Reshma sits down with various entrepreneurs and changemakers to discuss why bravery is the most important trait one can cultivate in 2018.

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Check back next week for another set of great new podcasts to check out. Got a podcast you think should be on this list? Send it to us on Twitter. Happy listening!