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Understanding your podcast analytics: A case study

From audience demographics to episode drop-off data, here’s how one Anchor teammate is using our upgraded analytics to understand her listeners and grow her podcasts.

Audience demographics

Now Anchor’s analytics include charts that show the aggregated age and gender of your Spotify listeners. These metrics are a useful approximation of your audience across all listening platforms, and they help you determine at a glance which audiences your podcast is reaching and who has yet to discover your show.

After looking at my audience demographics, I have some new ideas for marketing strategies that can increase this metric and grow our episode engagement.

Your listeners can send you Voice Messages on Anchor that you can include in your podcast episodes.

Episode drop-off

Anchor’s new episode drop-off data shows how many listeners are tuning into your episodes at any given second, so you can measure which segments are the most engaging and which ones might need improvement.

By spotting trends and anomalies in my episode drop-off data, I was able to uncover insights about my audience’s listening behavior and actionable next steps for how to keep them engaged.

Here’s another interesting example of drop-off data, from an episode of Blood On Their Hands:

Understanding what my audience values is crucial for crafting my episodes, and it helps me balance my own creative preferences with material that keeps listeners engaged and attracts new followers and subscribers.

My takeaway from this episode drop-off data is that Blood On Their Hands might get better performance — and happier listeners — if we either reduce the live reactions or nix them from our format altogether and just focus on the aftershow. I’m planning to experiment with this for our next season. Then, I’ll keep an eye on these charts and ask our listeners for feedback so we can make sure they don’t miss the live reactions.



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