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Anchorage Expands Product Team with New Engineering Hub in Portugal

Diogo Mónica, Co-Founder and President

We are pleased to announce that Anchorage has recently hired 13 new people in Porto, Portugal and will be opening a physical engineering hub there in the future. With the addition of recent Bay Area hires, this represents a 50% increase in the size of our product team since March. This expansion will allow Anchorage to dramatically accelerate our support for new and emerging blockchains, build out new services and platform features, and improve our existing offerings for our growing user base.

Adding an engineering hub half a world away from headquarters is significant. Making it happen during a worldwide pandemic feels particularly remarkable. It took many weeks of preparation, all manner of virtual conferencing and collaboration tools, and some very early mornings and very late nights. We’re incredibly excited to have added 13 new people in Porto alone, and incredibly proud of the team who worked tirelessly to make this expansion possible.

Why Portugal for an engineering office? Thus far, we have been fortunate to hire many incredible engineers in the Bay Area and around the United States and will continue to do so. But engineering hiring is now a global competition, and Portugal is an emerging leader in the European tech sector. There’s a lot of talent, deep tech and security expertise, and a warm and vibrant culture. And though I may be slightly biased, quality of life isn’t bad, either.

While we have not officially expanded to Europe just yet, when the time comes, our Porto office will likely make for an excellent toe hold.

Over the past few months, crypto has shown incredible resilience, surviving an unprecedented market crash and recovering without the aid of any central bank bailout. Investors in the digital asset space are optimistic, and recent, real world challenges surrounding large scale stimulus payment dissemination have only highlighted the good that blockchain tech stands to do for the world in the coming years. While there are undoubtedly many obstacles ahead — be they economic, directly the result of the pandemic, or otherwise — we’re excited to be facing them as a larger, stronger, and more diverse team than we were just a few weeks ago.

If this sounds like a team that you’d like to join, we’re hiring.

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