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Oasis Pro Markets Selects Anchorage to Support Launch of its Regulated Alternative Trading System (ATS)

Oasis Pro Markets will use Anchorage for custody and settlement of its digital securities and digital cash

Diogo Mónica and Nathan McCauley

Today, Oasis Pro Markets (“Oasis Pro”), the first U.S. regulated multi-asset ATS, and Anchorage, the first nationally chartered digital asset bank, announce a strategic partnership, launching the Oasis Pro Markets Alternative Trading System (“OATSPRO”). Oasis Pro will use Anchorage for on-chain custody and settlement for its ATS, a FINRA and SEC-regulated trading system expected to go live in the fourth quarter of 2021.

OATSPRO enables institutions and other subscribers to transact with digital cash such as stablecoins or use fiat cash in exchange for digital assets through a state-of-the-art order matching engine. Oasis Pro selected Anchorage to facilitate on-chain custody and settlement for both digital securities and digital cash that are part of the ATS, bringing a streamlined process for transacting in private markets. Together, Anchorage and Oasis Pro are bringing a smoother, one-stop trading experience to the market.

“Anchorage has been a true partner in helping us realize our goal of streamlining the trading experience,” said Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro Markets, “Anchorage’s superior settlement and custody technologies stand out in the market, as they provide the necessary controls for selecting digital assets. This reaffirms our commitment to remain agile to technological and regulatory developments in order to grow the ecosystem and create a dynamic marketplace.”

From the beginning, Anchorage has been committed to advancing participation in the digital asset space through close cooperation with regulators, and OATSPRO sets a strong regulatory framework for advanced trading.

OATSPRO has room to grow as both a primary and secondary market for trading digital asset securities, including equity, fixed-income, and asset-backed securities. OATSPRO will first launch on the Ethereum blockchain, and will support other blockchain protocols in the future.

If you’d like to stay in the loop around ATS developments, or learn more about Anchorage, please get in touch.

About Oasis Pro Markets

Founded by seasoned Wall Street and blockchain veterans, Oasis Pro Markets’ mission, as a full-service investment bank, is to bridge the world of traditional finance and decentralized finance, “DeFi”, and to become the leading platform for the trading of public and private multi-asset digital securities globally. Oasis Pro Markets is a FINRA member firm that operates a multi-asset ATS (“OATSPRO”) to allow primary issuance and trading of digital securities. OATSPRO enables issuers and subscribers to conveniently and securely buy, sell, and list a range of alternative assets in the secondary market. Subscribers may also make payment for digital securities via fiat and digital currencies including Stablecoins, and central bank digital currencies through their custodians. Backed by a team with deep industry and regulation experience, Oasis is the next evolution of alternative asset investing. For more information, visit Securities offered through Oasis Pro Markets, Member FINRA/SIPC.

Holdings of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are speculative and involve a substantial degree of risk, including the risk of complete loss. There can be no assurance that any cryptocurrency, token, coin, or other crypto asset will be viable, liquid, or solvent. No Anchorage communication is intended to imply that any digital asset services are low-risk or risk-free. Digital assets are held in custody by Anchorage Digital Bank National Association and are not guaranteed or FDIC-insured.




Advancing institutional participation in the digital asset class.

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Anchorage Digital

Anchorage Digital

Advancing institutional participation in the digital asset class.

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