Be Alpha

Andrew and I have a saying we adopted from BroScienceLife (a hilarious and brutally honest fitness YouTube star) — “Be Alpha.” We started using it a few months ago when we really committed to living a healthier lifestyle and kickstarting Anchor’s development. We text it to each other when we get up before the sun to work out or spend 2.5 hours on Sunday’s meal prepping for a week of healthy meals. It reminds us to gear up and muscle through the sloth-like attitudes that tend to creep into our days and weekends. I also read a quote (probably on Pinterest) that sometimes we only need 20 seconds of insane bravery to start or finish something. I’m butchering it, I know, but the concept is pretty powerful. There are things that seem so far away, so off the wall to achieve… but if we gear up, get out and be alpha, we can accomplish pretty much anything. I realize I just wrote a blog post, however Anchor has blossomed in just a few days and I am way too excited to sleep.

Andrew integrated our new logo and typeface into the app, doesn’t it look snazzy?! For the profile page, the description now highlights a lighter color and shows a cursor for users to know they can edit it. It won’t be highlighted for other profiles, only yours. I anchored Andrew being a goof in the cereal aisle this morning and it worked! There is a lag in low cell zones, but we’re not sure we can ever fix that.

We made a “before we go beta” list of all the things Andrew needs to update/fix before we submit to Apple at our weekly Starbucks Anchor staff meeting. Our goal was to go beta today, but with adding the iPad capability we hit some snags. We want to make sure we catch any birth defects before our baby goes out into the big world of Apple testing. We did agree on our official Anchor positions. Andrew originally wanted to be “Andrew, Anchor Admiral Battle Star Galactica” and for me to be “Capri, the catlover” but I strongly opposed. We settled on co-founders with Andrew being the CETO (combined CEO and CTO) and I am the COO. Although, Andrew did try to insert a “H” word just so he could be the “CHETO.” Never a dull moment, I tell you.

My mom and I went hiking on St. Patty’s day so I was able to catch her up on all the updates we’ve brought to Anchor. She loves the logo and wanted to get Anchor installed on her phone to start showing her many social groups this week. She’s part of so many different social circles (or “gangs” as she likes to call them) and she wants to share our creation. The anchor she dropped to the right was with her Master Gardner’s “gang” for all the Anchor gardening enthusiasts.

After Andrew downloaded Anchor on my mom’s phone, something really cool happened. As I was showing her how to post/comment/like anchors, her Apple watch buzzed and our logo showed up on her wrist! It was the coolest thing, especially when we never expected to see Anchor reach another device! So naturally, we created our Anchor “Wishlist” on things we really want to accomplish one day in the future. My biggest items were user interface related and Andrew’s were branching Anchor to Android and non-US devices. All of which will take some considerable time to make tangible, but it’s on our back burner.

This week my goal is to update Anchor’s Facebook/Twitter pages and finish our Kickstarter project. I’m working on our rewards and estimating how much we’ll really need to maintain operations or add some additional features.

Exciting times are fast approaching and Anchor is ready to be alpha!