The Creation Story of Ancient Egypt

Dr. Shakira
Ancient Egypt Unveiled
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Atum leads the eight OGDOAD gods. Atum plus the eight OGDOAD gods are called the ENNEAD (“Nine”).

In the creation story of Ancient Egypt, in the beginning, there was water and eight gods in the water. The eight gods are called the OGDOAD (“Eight”) or the eight Primordial gods. These eight gods came in four pairs, masculine and feminine, each with a specific attribute.

Please Note: In ancient Egypt, the feminine’s name most likely ended in a “T”.

The Eight Primordial gods and their attributes

Hok and Hoket: Attribute of formlessness.

Kuk and Kuket: Attribute of Darkness.

Amun and Amunet: Attribute of hiddenness.

Nun and Nunet: Attribute of the primordial waters.

The Creation Story

The moment of creation takes place, and out of the chaotic water (or Nu) comes the primordial hill, a mound of Earth or…



Dr. Shakira
Ancient Egypt Unveiled

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