Divine Intervention

Today, it began. The start of a new chapter in a book being written as I turn each page.

After closing the physical location of the business I began 10 years ago I made the choice to leave town for a while. A working sabbatical to see the country, visit family eventually ending up in Virginia to sequester myself in the woods for a while and regroup and create.

It’s been several months coming and today marked leg one of the trip — Las Vegas -> Phoenix.

It’s an easy jaunt I’ve done dozens of times before. An easy peasy whoosh down highway 93. Door to door just over four hours.

Except for today.

A trip that began at noon and should have had me supping with friends for an early dinner ended up with me rolling in well after dark. A journey that took well over 8 hours.

Turns out that a massive accident shut down the route we were to take and GPS rerouted. About 10 minutes after passing the junction, it got reopened, but by then I was well on my way …

So all the way up to northern Arizona we went and down to Phoenix through Prescott.

Definitely a day that happened FOR me as it also occurred to me that had I left Las Vegas at my initially intended time, I’d have been right where that accident took place.

So I’m opting to put aside the road weariness and be joyous for the chance to see magnificent landscapes, and have arrived here safely.

Also got to muse on the difference between detours and distractions, as the latter has been front and center in my noggin the last few days…

More on that after some sleep…








Musings, observations and insights on human behavior, communications skills, and leadership as seen through the lens of the dog/human bond. (More simply — how dogs make us truly better humans.)

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