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Feb 7 · 2 min read

A couple of years ago Grandma Mary unboxed a pair of shoes we worked on and her review was far from positive. We’ve talked about the importance of weartesters in the process of product creation, but the feeling the team gets when someone sees the result of your work for the first time is priceless. Unboxing videos from sneakers to toys are loved because it captures the initial reaction of seeing, touching, smelling and hearing something for the first time.

Grandma Mary’s unhappiness with one of the most popular shoes at the time was comical either because she was completely off the mark OR she was saying out loud what people were saying in their heads. Either way, her reaction to the 350v1 will forever be a part of my relationship with that shoe. I can see my own grandmother having the same reaction — probably followed by “but I’m sure you did a good a job, baby” — because that shoe targeted a slightly different demographic.

So when we started looking for weartesters for our shoe for seniors with Zulijian, I knew I had to find Grandma Mary. While I knew that her reaction — positive or negative — would be comical, I hoped that she would be happy with what we think is a good product because she clearly wasn’t a fan of my prior work.

But you never know.

I reached out to her people — of course Grandma Mary has people — after I did enough research to see she was still posting on social media. The reality of working with this demographic is that not everybody we reached out to was in good health. Thankfully, Grandma Mary was doing well and ready to give me a shot at redemption.

Yesterday, we received this video.

We couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. She’s worn them every day she’s had them.

Next Wednesday we will be at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall to talk health & wellness for feet with seniors. Dr. Roxann Clark and Dr. Ovidio Falcone will be there to share valuable information on how important their shoes are to their feet, knees, hips and backs. We know that most of the seniors are coming for the free continental Starbuck breakfast and a chance to win a pair of the 99 JEX|NYC JON’s we will be raffling off.

We simply hope that we make every senior half as happy as Grandma Mary — face rub included.

Good things.

PS — Apologies to Reggie.

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And Them

And Them

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