‘a huge leap forward’ — Fitz Tepper, TechCrunch


  • NYC-based (exceptions may be made for extremely qualified candidates)
  • Skills advanced enough to lead other engineers
  • Experience in startups or an entrepreneurial venture
  • Personal Portfolio or examples of anything you’ve made (of which at least one must be live)

Send an email introducing yourself, with personal portfolio or examples of things you’ve made to:

Joining And Chill is like taking a ride on the Millenium Falcon. It’s thrilling. It’s jaw-dropping. It‘s unlike anything you’ve done before.

Some consider it an old, tired ship, like recommendations themselves are now. But the crew onboard takes it in entirely new directions, on the most important journeys and adventures in the galaxy. That crew is a perfect team. Diverse, incredibly driven, and clearly capable of changing the world.

You have the opportunity to come onboard incredibly early, like the first-time-Luke-stepped-in-the-Falcon kind of early. We’d love to welcome you. Your role in shaping And Chill will be limitless.

‘most (bots) kind of suck. And Chill is different’ — Bryan Clark, The Next Web

We love movies

“Got it! About to jump to lightspeed!”

That’s a message that And Chill gives to our users. It’s designed to inspire excitement, anticipation, and chomping at the bit for what’s to come. Kind of like how it feels when you’re watching this very scene in Star Wars.

But it’s also a message that we carry inside ourselves. It’s a feeling that drives us. We think changing what people expect from recommendations, all recommendations, is as world-changing as being able to travel at the speed of light. We’re the first company to understand that recommendations should be designed.

‘…the first really useful Facebook Messenger bot’ — Martin Bryant, Former Editor-at-Large & Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web

We love design

Taking great inspiration from Apple, we believe what’s complex (like old command line computers from the 70s) can be distilled down into something simple (an on-screen pointer that is instantly familiar as soon as you touch its mouse). What’s a pain can be crafted to something that’s a delight to use. And what’s constantly been done before, can actually be done right by a company with the right values, ideals, and theories behind what they do.

‘..brilliant..’ — Jacob Siegal, BGR

We love working

Work hard, play hard. Actually, work really hard, play hard. Working to us is actually quite a lot of fun. We’re just getting started.

We’re in it for our users. We spend countless hours working so they can spend just seconds to get into their leisure time. The way we think about our work is this: for every additional minute we put in to crafting our product & company, our users will get that much more value from us.

‘..breathe easy knowing that And Chill has your back’ — Sierra Burgos, More

To infinity, and beyond!

…oh wait, wrong movie. :)