Leaguer boosts its User Conversion Ratio by up to 40%, with our Cross-platform App


This case study illustrates how we at Andolasoft, created a feature-rich, cross-platform mobile app using ‘Ionic‘ to help our client reach their target audience more effectively across popular mobile platforms.


Leaguer already had its own Web application. Under the League/Sports Management industry, majority of their targeted users go to watch matches, grand slams, events etc. and make bookings, payments, manage schedules and look for latest scores frequently.

Due to the growth of smartphone application usages, there was an opportunity for Leaguer to attract smartphone users looking for league management apps. Hence, to keep up Leaguer wanted to have a cross-platform mobile app with the same code base, that would be easy on maintenance. Features like Schedule Management, Team Management, Registrations, Cart & Payment functionality had to be there in the App too.

Proposed Solutions & much more…