OrangeScrum and WakeUpSales- Two Powerful SaaS Products of Andolasoft

A Smart Project Management Application and an Easy Customer Relationship Management Suite — are the two most essential tools that is a must for any Organization across the globe.

With stacks of R&D and hard work, you might able to develop a high quality product with latest technology but the question arise -how will the product get popular in software marketplace?

Enters SaaS
 what exactly is SaaS?
SaaS is a software as a license distribution model through which third party Software and applications can be host by individual or organization for the availability of internet users and customers. It minimizes the installation requirements of others through its own data center with maintenance and support.

 Why SaaS?

In this case, SaaS (Software as a Service) comes in to picture and this business model is more profitable and popular.

If we go with the ‘stats’
From 2008 “SaaS” is very much popular in the product market. Among $175 billion cloud revenue, $31.4 billion was SaaS revenue in 2015 and $37.7 billion in 2016 with a growth rate of 20%.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC) prediction, it may go beyond$112.8 billion by 2019. Which is huge.

In this article, I am going tell you how companies like Andolasoft provide Software as a Service with its two most powerful SaaS Products -WakeUpSales and OrangeScrum.

Product with extensive features with better user experience, easy third party application integrations are some of the major benefits of a Software as a Service product.

When [SaaS customers] need a solution, they do some online research, maybe ask a colleague, try the solution or watch a demo, and then buy. The whole process might take a few days, maybe a few hours. There’s no long, drawn out sales engagements, RFIs and RFPs, head-to-head “bake-offs,” contract negotiations, blah, blah, blah. Customers find it, they see it, they like it, they buy it.
Peter Cohen
 Managing Partner of SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors
 Source: Kissmetrics Blog

Most of the Custom Software Development Companies have been adopting the SaaS Business Model and debut with quality products. Companies are also adopting new ways to attract users like free trails and free user accounts.

Instead of providing a demo video about the product, “Free Trail” is the best way to reach more prospective users.

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