Ruby on Rails Integration Testing with Minitest and Capybara

Hi Guys! I am back again with one more article about ruby on rails.

I hope this is the right time to share one of my technical stuffs on ruby on rails after sharing PHP and Mobile stuffs.

Minitest and Capybara: integration testing demystified

In this article, I am going to share my own experience and ideas of ruby on rails integration testing using Minitest and Capybara and tell you the process how it serves as one of the most preferred alternative for controller test.

A lot of you must have heard about Capybara but still for those who are new to this -

Capybara is an acceptance test framework used for web applications and supports developers in integration testing of Ruby on Rails applications with Minitest.

So, let’s get into the details about Capybara, Minitest and Integration Testing

Minitest is the default and a complete testing suite for Ruby application, which supports ancillary test-driven development (TDD), behavior-driven development (BDD), mocking, and benchmarking for fast, clean and reliable test results.

Whereas, Capybara is the acceptance test framework for web applications and frequently used for end-to-end testing in Rails Applications.

Rails developer can suggest user on web page and Capybara provides API to interact with web page.

Integration Testing are used to test the most important workflows of applications and test different fragments of application together while unit testing inspects the individual part of the application work.

Before sharing the real process how to use Capybara with Minitest for integration testing of your Ruby on Rails applications, let me tell you the prerequisites of this testing process. 
 Ruby version 2.3.3, Rails version, 
 Minitest version 5.10.1, and Capybara version 2.11.1 are required for the smooth operation and you can use gem install rails to get started.

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