Why You Need An ‘Effective’ Project Collaboration Tool!

The next big question after big bang theory is “Do I need a Project Collaboration Tool” and if Yes — what is an ideal project collaboration tool.

Before I answer you the big question, ask the below questions to yourself;

How much time do you spend on excel in documenting your, and your team’s tasks (with the vulnerability of missing out the timelines)?

How many times do your email your colleagues or a member for a single task?

Who is actually working on the task your assigned yesterday to the marketing team?

What is the expected date of delivery of the presentation, for internal verifications?

Don’t tell me you’re maintaining an excel sheet or a notepad or a post it note to do these stuffs!

Time to adapt to the change.

Project collaboration tools are the best alternatives to keep track of your projects, task, time management, resource management, milestones setting, file management, invoice generation, sync emails and many more — all under a single roof.

Near about 50% of entrepreneur and business owners are using collaboration tool but the next big question is — is it worth it?
 My Answer: it is worth more than anything in your business resource.

You might or might not be using a project collaboration tool!

Bur before using, you might think once–which is the ideal project collaboration tool and what it should consist?

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a paid, free or customize one as per your business domain. But it’s important to choose the ideal one that’s right for your business.

People, who are not yet using any smart collaboration software’s and maintain all their stuffs (from email conversations to resource management) manually — approximately, they are doing 15% — 25% repeated work daily (i.e., around wastage of 3–4 hours a week).

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