LEAP to Learning…

Andre Malan
Aug 18, 2007 · 2 min read

Wow, well today is my last day of working at Student Development on LEAP.

If you are a UBC student and ever get the chance to work for anybody in Student Development grab that chance. It is amazing how everyone in the office is completely dedicated to your success as a student and as a person. Working there You just feel… safe! You know that if anything goes wrong that everyone you work with is there to support you. I would like to thank Tlell and Margot for being such great supervisors, and for taking every opportunity to let me grow in my work at UBC. I don’t know if I will ever find a better boss (I cringe at using that word… that’s how good they are) than Tlell or Margot. I’d also like to thank Angeli, Darryl and Mariana for being such great co-workers and for putting up with my constant stream of crazy ideas. Angeli especially has been very patient with me and my penchant for using different little technological tools to get things done. Collaborating with her on projects was an absolute pleasure and her music keep up a great mood in the office. Although I didn’t work with them directly, Kim, Chad, Shagufta (working at AMS) and Cindy (who works at OLT) have been a wealth of knowledge and I can think of a few times when they have each taken time out of their day to help me.

I have gained so much from this job, I have learnt how to work in a team and collaborate. I have also learnt how to organize myself and to increase my own productivity. I guess perhaps the most important thing that I gained was a passion for learning (hence the title of my site and blog). Although I am sad to leave, I am also excited to get studying again! I want to start applying all that I have learnt at LEAP about learning and technology. I just can’t wait to find some academic knowledge and see if I am better at ingesting it! I will be testing everything I learnt and featured on LEAP (and of course blogging about it afterwards).

So off I go to be and advisor and a student once again, LEAPing, learning and blogging my way through life. It has been a great summer and I just want to say one more great big THANK YOU to all of you who have made it so.




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