The Secret to Loving Your Fat

Tess Holliday, the world’s FIRST Size 22 Supermodel

You know, I haven’t really shared much about my relationship, but I have to comment on this. I am in the process of transitioning out of the most prestigious hospital and health care system in the world as a Cardiovascular Technician.

I was an Medic/Firefighter before that, and I wrote a book about the trials and tribulations that surrounded how that worked and didn’t work for my life. Before all that, I was the man in college, dating and “girlfriending” the hottest girl on campus that everyone wanted: A hot Ukrainian Model that had all natural beauty and “exaggerated” features (in other words, large assets). I have had no trouble getting the women I WANT. So when I read a post on Twitter stating the only reason a guy dates a fat woman is because he can do no better, I had to interject. It brought me back to the beginning of our relationship together.

Focus on the “WHY”

I remember when I started dating this BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), my female friends inquired about my choice, while my male friends just sat back and watched.

They all soon found her to be a Godsend.

My girlfriend is a Massage Therapist, a great ear to lean on for advice, and an awesome cook. I’ve never been complimented so much in my life by one person, INCLUDING MY MOMMA, and she is all about choosing yourself by living and let live.

I fell in love instantly, and haven’t once thought about her weight, which was accumulated with a one-two combo of birth control pills and being unable to walk for a year due to her condition. Which, by the way, is in total remission now due to a rigorous regime of comedy, mutual love, drinking about 80 oz of water a day, moving more than being sedentary, and finally affirming EVERY day that it is not “My MS” but simply “THE MS”.

The only people I have observed having any type of “problem” with her weight, I’m sorry to reveal, are WOMEN. These women point and glare, and it’s honestly sad. Statistically speaking, when it comes to NOTHING MORE THAN THE HAPPINESS VS STRESSOR INDEX (aka how little Cortisol is in your blood), they are more likely to die before my “fat” girlfriend, because they are carrying stress in truckloads compared to her. Don’t believe me? I know you don’t, because you listen to all the “Bro-Science” out there.

“Bro-Science” is KILLING YOU

“You have to be a certain weight to be healthy, Bro. You have to stress your body to exhaustion Bro. You HAVE TO get in the gym in order to live to 100, BRO!”

What a crock of manure. Yes, you have to be at a certain body weight to seem fit and get on TV and tell people they have to look like you or die. However, here in the real world, I have done my own research. I have been in the health care field my whole life. My mother took me to work as a child because she couldn’t afford a babysitter. Later on in life I became a Medic, and I learned about the human body and medicine. The most shocking revelation was discovering that doctors do not actually “cure” anything. Medicine can treat symptoms and discourage transmission, make us feel at ease and allow for a more conducive environment for the body to heal. If you want to dispute this, I would advise you to buy this bridge I have here in Florida… CHEAP!

Let me say it another way: Here in this city, there are a few major marathons. The biggest is put on by my employer. There are, on average, 2 deaths per race, all from heart attack. None of them are obese. Average age: 42–46. These people are “fit” according to all the “science” so they do not check blood levels regularly, which allows for irregularities to be found and contained.

You can’t outrun your DNA… Sorry.

For you naysayers, I have one more example.

How many DEATHS does it take?

“Look at the STATISTICS, Bro!”

I’ve seen 20 deaths in my career in health care. Sure, some were older, say, 80's and 90's, but the majority are 50's-60's. Most are not obese. Most haven’t taken decent care of themselves, most are sudden. Some are vegans, some eat junk food. All are dying at the same rates. EVERY SINGLE PERSON age 90 or above, including 3 I’ve had THIS WEEK, are overweight.

In other words: Here, in the real world, according to my experience as a Firefighter, Medic, and Technician, weight DOES NOT predict LONGEVITY.

No one, not even a doctor, can read tea leaves and tell you running marathons will ensure a long, medical condition free existence. NO ONE.

I know this was long, I’m a long winded person. I just want to express the overall theme I now live my life by: Who do you listen to? The guy with WAAAAAAAY over 10,000 hours working DIRECTLY at the FOUNDATION of health and wellness, or the guy that wants to make a buck off of you by selling snake oil.

I’m Andre Wiley, and I LOVE my fat girlfriend no matter age, sex, location, religion, politics, affiliations, or weight. In the immortal words of Jay and Silent Bob: “A woman’s body is her own fucking business.” I take the Missy Elliot approach “I ain’t come to judge, I came to get ya moist.” Ok the last is a little more graphic, but it is true.