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Andrea Cannistra
Andrea Cannistra
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3 min readApr 24, 2020


FlowerManager™ is a floral ecommerce and marketing platform created specifically for florists. It is a fully custom platform that is deeply integrated with Teleflora’s RTI, FTD’s Mercury, and MAS Direct. It is used by industry leading florists nationwide, generates over a hundred million dollars in floral sales annually, and has 6–8 million users using the platform annually.


Holidays, especially Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, are the busiest days of the year for florists. Campaigns needed to be created that 70+ clients around the country would all agree on, and would be able to sell flowers to every type of demographic.


Every year, I was tasked with coming up with multiple concepts to work for all of our clients. These concepts ranged from rustic and traditional, modern and clean, with a few fun ideas thrown in there. The holiday campaigns spanned a month worth of marketing for social media, homepage banners, and email marketing.

Some of my favorite campaigns were the ones that had a solid concept and were playful in nature. I have an affinity for puns and when writing copy, found that flower types lend themselves to witty taglines. For Mother’s Day one year, I created a campaign that used those punny taglines in simple, modern designs that caught people’s eyes on social media and on the florist’s homepage.

For Valentine’s Day, I continued the pun tagline theme, this time introducing simple animations. I wanted to create something that was fun and whimsical, but also dynamic. I took animal illustrations, wrote copy, and made sure to incorporate a floral element interacting with each animal. I opted to keep the animations subtle so as not to overwhelm the user, but enough that it would delight the user once they saw it.


The campaigns were used by all of our clients and accounted for millions of dollars in sales per holiday. The feedback from the clients was very positive and the users all found the campaigns fun and eye-catching.