IoT Building Management System Platform

Andrea Cannistra
Apr 22, 2020 · 3 min read

Gooee’s Building Operating System is a cloud-based platform using scalable data and an analytics engine generated from the lighting, building assets, and sensory network. Gooee’s SaaS portal provides for multi-location configuration of automated control, light & energy analytics, building performance, and maintenance using data-based query builders and data visualization.


Working with a small team of designers, we were tasked with reinventing the way our users accessed all their data in one place. With the ability to compile data from thousands of buildings into one graph, it was important that whatever method we came up with, was universal for a number of different types of graphs (bar, radial, gauge, pie, simple numbers, etc.). It needed to be scalable to hundreds of different timezones, currencies, and the implementation of new devices.


While working through the task, I was able to take lead on the user experience and final design of what we would eventually name ZoopFlow, a simple way of guiding a user through workflows with different outcomes that is scalable to any kind of query needed.

I began by creating multiple workflows and scenarios the client could take, attempting to break each workflow before the design process could start.

Once the workflow was completed, I broke it down into three parts—the chart type, the queries used, and customization of the data visualization. It took many iterations, designs, and discussions back and forth with the developers, to land on a method of containers that open and close based on the step the user was on. The user is able to jump between steps and make adjustments based on the preview in the final customization step to get exactly what data visualization they were looking for.


Once implemented, ZoopFlow changed how our clients created queries and viewed all of their buildings and devices at once. They reported that it made their jobs easier, improved efficiency, and saved them money. When you multiply that by hundreds of buildings, the improvements are enormous.

Andrea Cannistra

Digital product designer with a passion for web, mobile…

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