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Marvel Universe Live

Marvel Universe Live! is a touring live action arena show featuring characters from the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and others.


Working with FELD Entertainment, Marvel came to us looking to revamp their navigation, footer, layout, and most importantly, the online scheduling system. They were launching a new show, Age of Heroes, and wanted to improve the experience for their new users purchasing tickets online. An additional challenge, was the expansion from four languages, to twelve, including French, Spanish, and Arabic.


Starting with the navigation and footer, I wanted to make sure the hierarchy was improved by making the Buy Tickets button bigger (navigation) and the Preferred Customer newsletter more prominent (footer). I used chrome arrows and a mesh background texture to mimic the look of a super hero costume to make both areas stand out amongst the action photos of Avengers and Guardians.

The previous international schedule included a detail page for each show, which added an additional click for the user making it difficult to see the schedule overall. With the developers, we were able to use geo-targeting to find the user’s location which allowed me to condense the schedule to one page making the user experience better. Once I had the list of shows condensed, I used the primary details in a list with the ability to expand for more info. The user is now able to see the entire schedule, with all of the pertinent info at a glance, with ease.


Once Age of Heroes was officially launched, it was an international success with high ticket sales. The website is engaging, easy-to-use, and dynamic. It takes the high-flying, explosive style of the show and brings it directly to the web.



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