Checkers — From the Runway to Your Living Room

Fashion on the runway informs fashion for the home, so take a cue from Oscar de la Renta’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection and infuse the classic checker pattern into your home.

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss’s “Two for the Show” spread for American Vogue’s March issue featured Kloss in a peach and yellow gingham dress and matching cardigan by Bottega Veneta. Take inspiration from Kloss’s look and use hits of pastel colors like blush and peach when selecting checkers for your decor. It’s the perfect way to soften the look and avoids having your house look like the classic picnic or pizza joint.

When you envision a checkered print, one of the first things you might think of is a tablecloth, but it’s important to move beyond that. The accessorizing and decorating possibilities run the gamut when it comes to trendy prints and checkers are no exception.

When used light-handedly checkers can add a nice dash of print and eclecticism into a room. Adding a checkered piece of furniture into your home is a great investment. While checkers go through periods of peak popularity (like right now) they never completely go out of style and are complementary with many other patterns and styles.

In Sklar Furnishing we can help you combine your favorite piece of furniture with one of these modern patterns. Some of our favorite ways to include the checker print into the home are:

Armchair upholstery: Checkered fabric is the perfect way to bring out the traditional vibes of an armchair. Selecting a more neutral pattern (white on grey) gives it a modern feel, while a more distinctive pattern (blue and white) looks more traditional.

Area Rugs: An area rug in a neutral pattern like white and grey is the perfect way to introduce the checkered trend into a room in a subtle way.

Throw blankets and quilts: This is truly a feel good item. Not only are blankets and throws inherently comforting, choosing one in a checkered print will up the comfort factor. A soft pastel and white pattern is a great option, as is a solid colored knit done in a checkered pattern.

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