Newsletter #63 — China Coming With The Heat! 狗屎币

Oct 31, 2019 · 4 min read

Yo Shitcoiners,

Number go up. Normality restored.

Are you feeling a little less depressed this week? We sure are. We are even more surprised our enthusiasm stems from a Chinese Presidential announcement.

This week’s newsletter is packed full of positive sentiment but don’t worry, there’s plenty of snarky Twitter comments and general shit-talk too. It’s quite the spectacle!

First up, the big news this week. China are getting spicy.

‍Dovey Wan has been giving some exceptional insight into what’s going on in the far east. Her tweets are worth a read and a follow.

In other China news, Jihan Wu has taken over Bitmain!

Again, Dovey with the in-depth analysis. She might as well be the China correspondent at this rate. We wonder if she’ll take shitcoins?

Speaking of China and superpowers, CZ has named Putin the most influential person in the Blockchain space.

Is CZ doing a little ass licking to get in favour with the Russian President? Or is he telling the truth? Tell us on Telegram!

Meanwhile, SideShift AI recently announced that Tether (on the Liquid Network) is available on SideShift AI.

‍And maybe you can use SideShift AI to diversify all of that new crypto you have in your hands, if you take MikeInSpace at face value that is.

Not financial advice.

‍Or screw investing, teach those around you the true value of P2P cash.

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In other good news, one Bitcoiner has been cancer free for 5 years. Congrats Alistair!

‍Did Luke’s God have something to do with it?

‍Now to some fun. This isn’t the Newsletter without sarcasm and tomfoolery.

‍Speaking of Calvin. How did we not know before now that he had his own YouTube channel with videos like this?

‍The quality of crypto-twitter often leaves much to be desired. We love it but we can appreciate why others think it’s a cesspool

While Peter provides some great Calvin memes, he doesn’t understand Vitalik at all. 100% of the time.

‍In other Ethereum ecosystem news, SpankPay has announced One-Click Payments!

We leave you this week with this. Another masterpiece from lil bubble. Booya.

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Till next time!