#64 — BitMEX did an oopsie and Faketoshi 2.0

Nov 7, 2019 · 4 min read

Hey Shitcoiners,

Oh boy, what a spicy week in crypto. We had BitMEX oopsies, Faketoshi 2.0 and a whole lot of random goings-on. This week’s deep dive into Andreas’ weekly highlights does not disappoint.

Before we dive into this week’s news a quick reminder from Tone Vays.

‍Now we have got that out of the way let’s get to business. The big news this week surrounded BitMEX and a big slip up.‍

There were some shenanigans on their Twitter account too.

‍While the world changed its BitMEX passwords, those from the United States (where BitMEX doesn’t work, duh!) were passing the time in other ways.

Enter, one of crypto’s best dressed, Kenn Bosak.

It seems Joerg has learnt a lot from Craig Wright. Here we have another example of a man who has more money than many African countries… or so he says.‍

‍Was this all an elaborate plan by Craig Wright to throw us off the scent? Is it Craig in disguise following some really solid plastic surgery?

‍The AI @ SideShift AI even got in on the action!

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Faketoshi 1.0 has other problems that aren’t combating successor’s to the least desired throne in crypto.

‍It appears that the plan all along was to buy the Kleiman estate so CSW would get out of that lawsuit. But has Calvin left Craig in the shit?

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While Craig, Calvin and this Joerg bloke staked their claim to coins they cannot touch, Bitcoin Jesus was dressed in fancy dress, shilling Bitcoin Cash and the aptly named, Wall Street bar.

It really is segue city up in here. We do love to work our way through the who’s who of crypto in the Shitcoin.com newsletter. What is a crypto roundup without some news from Samson and the BTC maximalist crowd?

‍It’s also not a real Shitcoin.com newsletter without some shit-stirring from @karbonbased.‍

‍Now to some news that will put more projects off setting up shop in the US.

‍Those pesky governments are looking in all of the wrong places though, Counter-Strike is where the real fraud is happening yo!‍

‍Now to round this one up we share some news that will likely delight the pervs amongst you.

Oh and an exceptional Halloween costume.

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