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Dash Proposal Aftermath: The Twitter Ads Campaign to Promote Dash

I’m glad to report that my Dash budget proposal to promote my review of Dash has been approved!

And received in my wallet:

You may recall from my review that it cost me 5 DASH to make the proposal. From the 10 DASH I was paid from the community I will spend:

  • 5 DASH back to myself to refund the Dash budget proposal fee
  • 5 DASH for advertising on Twitter

I was planning to use the ShitcoinDotCom Twitter account but could not have the account approved for ads due to the profanity in the domain name.

My Twitter Ads account is set to Norwegian kroner (NOK). I will use today’s exchange rate:

I have very little experience with Twitter ads and ask some friends for help.

My friend Blake writes the ad copy and creates a Twitter Ads campaign:

Around 15% of the budget has been spent after three days. You can see the number of reads increasing when the ads started on December 4th:

I’ll update this post with the final numbers.

Dash Update, December 21st, 2017

The Twitter campaign has spent the allocated budget.

It’s been a wild ride since I started writing my review of Dash. The price of a DASH token is up from $300 to $1,526.30. I’ve been contacted by at least one “watchdog” group in the Dash Discord chat that was making sure I was following through with my proposal obligations.

The Dash community has been great and I wish them the best of luck!

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